Supercharge Your Business Growth in 2024!

As a small business owner, you know that success depends on marketing your business in the most effective way possible. That’s why our company specialises in cost-effective lead generation and Google Ad Management. With our specialised services, you can save thousands of dollars on Google Ads while maximising your potential for success. We have over 15 years of experience in search engine marketing, and we will develop a customised lead generation and sales pipeline to meet your business’s specific needs.

With our help, you can maximise your small business goals and enjoy lasting success!

arrow-right-smFull Transparency
arrow-right-smSpecialise in Small Business Growth
arrow-right-smNo Contracts or Long-Term Commitments
arrow-right-smReceive an Extra 60-300+ Customer Enquiries per Month
arrow-right-smFREE Lead Generation Strategy
arrow-right-smSave 1000’s on Google Ads

With Next Level, You Get More


Google Search
Lead Generation Strategy

We assist good businesses to become even greater with an effective Google Ads lead generation strategy that brings in quality customers within days of launching your ad campaign, all while keeping the cost per lead minimal.

Sales Funnel Setup & Support

We don’t just manage your ad accounts—we provide an all-inclusive sales funnel setup, staff training and ongoing support to leverage our proven platforms and services to help you solve your biggest challenges and achieve your goals. We’re just a phone call away!

& Consulting

Now is when the real work commences. Every marketing campaign and sales funnel needs to be optimised in order to obtain your desired business goals. We offer ongoing advertising optimisation, monthly performance reports, and ongoing consulting to remain ahead of competitors.

Hi, I’m Martin Sumetzberger, and for over 20+ years, I have been helping small businesses reach their growth goals through search engine marketing, lead generation, website development and optimising sales processes.

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