Google Ads Management You Can Trust.

As a small business owner, you need an experienced and reliable team to manage your Google Ads account. You can trust us to treat your business like our own with our services. We provide full transparency so that you know exactly what is being done with your advertising budget. Our team specialise in small business growth, rescuing failed Google advertising attempts, and providing education about Google Ads in plain English. We don’t require any long-term commitments or contracts, and we offer free staff training and advice on related topics like search engine optimization, marketing emails, leads and sales, search display, return on investment search results, landing pages, quality score etc. Our personalized services ensure that our clients get the attention they deserve; on average, our clients receive 112 additional customer contacts per month.

With our Google Ad Management Christchurch services, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands!

arrow-right-smFull Transparency
arrow-right-smSpecialise in Small Business Growth
arrow-right-smNo Contracts or Long-Term Commitments
arrow-right-smReceive an Extra 60-300+ Customer Enquiries per Month
arrow-right-smFREE Lead Generation Strategy
arrow-right-smSave 1000’s on Google Ads
Google Ads Management

Unleash the Limitless Power of Google Ads to Supercharge Your Business!


Discover Google Ads


After our Strategy Call, during which we discuss your business goals, we will thoroughly evaluate your target market and customers’ preferences. We will uncover high-performance keywords, competitors and audiences to determine the most effective way to bring in YOUR ideal clients.

Discover Google Ads


Only days after our initial meeting, we’ll launch your first ad campaign, which will quickly result in an increase in calls, emails and sales enquiries. With a brief learning process, you can unlock the full power of Google Ads to help your business reach its goals and gain valuable insights into your target markets.

Discover Google Ads


Now it’s time to get down to business. Every marketing campaign and sales pipeline needs to be optimised in order to obtain your desired business goals. We offer ongoing advertising optimisation, monthly performance reports, staff training, 24/7 monitoring and ongoing consulting for even better results.

Our ultimate goal is optimising your sales pipeline for sustained, increased revenue from your monthly ad budget.

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Investing just 40 minutes this year could be the most valuable decision you make for your business.  Only a few openings are available, so don’t hesitate – We’ll contact you soon after receiving your request.

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