Why Smarter Selling?

How Successful Businesses Are Using This Proven Process To Generate More Sales With Less Effort

If you want more sales for your business, you know it’s not enough to just throw a few ads online and wait for the phone to ring…

“But that’s still the way traditional advertising works, and it’s led by SEO and pay-per-click agencies with their scattershot, ‘hope-based’ approach to marketing.”

Your business deserves better than that.

If there was a proven process you could follow to generate better leads AND close more sales than ever before…

A process that didn’t rely on the old ways of hit-and-miss, ‘generalised’ advertising, would you be interested?

Even better, what if you had a system that automated that process for you, making it almost effortless…

And what if that system delivered sales consistently and reliably for your business, every single month?

That’s what the Smarter Selling System does:

It’s a proven, reliable and repeatable marketing-sales system designed to generate predictable leads AND sales for your products, virtually on autopilot.
Martin Sumetzberger

Sales Strategist for High-Ticket Products & Services

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I’m Martin Sumetzberger, and I am the creator of Smarter Selling systems. I help business owners just like you get more customers and sell more of your products.

I’ve been designing and implementing these sales funnels for clients in Australia and New Zealand since 1998, and I’m proud to have helped 100s of clients increase their sales and grow their businesses, with some incredible results.

“…we started to receive quote requests within hours of launching the system. Stu H.”
“It’s like someone turned on a big switch… Mark M.”
“… new customer enquires are coming thick and fast, keeping me very busy. M Roden ”

Do you have an integrated sales and marketing process that delivers results, consistently?

Without one, your business will struggle to keep up with competitors who do.

SEO and ‘traditional’ advertising agencies say they’ll get you more exposure with potential customers. Which sounds ok…

But in 2020, paying for ‘more traffic’ or a ‘website makeover’ and expecting sales to magically increase just doesn’t make sense.

What it really takes to outsmart your competition is a SYSTEM to produce better quality, more targeted leads – and convert them into sales.

That’s exactly what I designed Smarter Selling to do for you.

Smarter Selling is a unique sales funnel that can be customised to YOUR business, YOUR product, YOUR market, YOUR specific location and YOUR ideal customers…

It combines the best in advanced, automated lead-gen and sales tools: efficient advertising, advanced audience targeting, content-driven lead nurturing, conversion optimisation and more…

And let’s not forget the secret weapon:

Tried and tested direct response techniques that have been the foundation behind successful selling for decades.

Most importantly: the Smarter Selling system is proven to work in YOUR industry…

“The Radio Rip-off: From $13,000 In The Hole To A Flood Of New Leads Every Month”

One of my clients contacted me after investing $13,000 in radio advertising with an agency and getting a trickle of extra leads that they could count on one hand.

I was shocked at how badly they’d been advised by the agency that took their money and so I got to work creating and implementing a Smarter Selling system to finally deliver value for them.

Inside the first month we were able to generate more than 30 targeted leads, where previously they had less than 5 – a huge increase in sales opportunities.

And we’ve since optimised that process to deliver more than double that each and every month. PLUS leads are converting into sales and profit consistently and reliably – something all that wasted radio ad spend simply couldn’t do.

If you’re keen to avoid ‘hope-based’ marketing money-traps and find out how this proven process can deliver results for YOUR business, click below to request your FREE one-to-one Strategy Call and I’ll personally show you how.

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How It Works: 3 Smarter Selling Steps To Your Success

Step 1

Fast-track to more SALES (not just leads)

We’ll start with a deep dive into your specific market, customers and location, uncovering competitor research and figuring out the most effective ways to attract YOUR ideal clients…

Then we’ll start implementing our industry-specific lead generation tools, processes and strategies to create new sales opportunities for your business each month.

I’ll also help you turn leads into SALES fast, so you hit the ground running with increased conversions and more new customers in the first month.

Step 2:

Automate and scale your success

Your Smarter Selling system’s automated technology allows you to continue adding leads and customers to your pipeline on autopilot without overwhelming you.

We’ll use proven email marketing techniques, digital sales tools and our tried and tested follow-up process to ensure your business is ready to handle the extra interest in your products.

That means you and your team will be able to respond faster and convert more pre-qualified enquiries into new customers.

The result? Faster, more predictable, and manageable growth – with less effort.

Step 3:

Optimise and improve conversions

By now you’ll have experienced an increase in leads and sales, but we’re only just getting started…

My next job is to help you optimise your sales funnel, so your results improve further, and you stay ahead of your competitors for years to come.

My team of experts and I will analyse and optimise your funnel to ensure it continues making steady increases that your business can handle…

From regular reports and strategy session insights, to staff training and project management integration, I’ll keep you fully informed of results and progress so you’re never left in the dark.

I work closely with each of my valued client partners, and I won’t ‘disappear on you’ the way those faceless online agencies do. I only work with a limited number of new businesses each year so that if you are my client, I can give you the full and personal attention you deserve.

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The big WHY: why Businesses need Smarter Selling systems

Back in 2005, I drew on my professional experience in online advertising and technology to try and solve an all-too-common problem for businesses:

How to generate leads and sales predictably and reliably, without wasting money on ineffective advertising.

The truth is: most business owners don’t have the time, technology or processes in place to do this themselves, even if they wanted to.

And those ‘generalised’ marketing agencies promising more leads with SEO, social media or a shiny new website?

Rather than producing actual sales, they just generate what is called “increased traffic”– which is actually meaningless stats that don’t result in profits or long-term growth.

So I started working with businesses in the industry, some who were struggling to get 5-10 online enquiries a month and had very low conversion rates to boot.

Early results showed it was possible to use a system to create predictable, repeatable sales growth…

After implementing these customised sales funnels for my clients, I was able to help them not only generate hundreds of extra new leads every month, but also consistently convert those leads into paying customers.

One client’s Smarter Selling system even helped them increase their sales by over 300% in the first month! And their sales continued to grow by around 100% each month after that.

Finally: better leads, more sales and bigger profits

The next step was to make sure the business owners and their sales staff could integrate these sales funnels with their own unique selling processes

So I developed sales training to help them understand and ‘own’ their new systems to maximise close rates – leading to consistent, predictable results and more effective, sales-focused businesses.

Success Stories From Our Clients

“ I’m excited that the new system that you’ve developed, enables us to better target existing and new customers. I’ve also noticed a large increase in calls and email enquiries since the direct marketing system was launched. I’m too busy now! ”

Mark McKenzie, Timbers of New Zealand

“Next Level has turned around our business. We started to receive quote requests within hours of launching their system. Just in the first couple weeks, we received 10 times the enquiries we received from other advertising agencies. I would recommend Next Level to any company that is looking for better ways to increase their sales. Next Level is in contact with us regularly to further improve our lead generation and sales conversion.”

Stu Hammar, Window Innovation

“Martin takes a commercial focus on how to use website and digital marketing to drive more customers to the website and call them to action to increase sales. He has helped us to achieve good sales growth and I recommend him to anyone wanting to do the same.”

Rodney McVicar, OneStopDeckShop

Results like that wouldn’t have come if they’d continued using the same old ‘hope-based advertising’ methods…

They recognised that something needed to change to generate more business, and Smarter Selling systems helped them do just that.

Now it’s time for you to make that change…

The first step is to find out exactly what a Smarter Selling system would look like for YOUR business.

I’ll walk you through the entire process personally. And it’s completely FREE when you join me on a no-obligation Strategy Call.

Discover exactly how Smarter Selling can work for YOUR Business

On average, Smarter Selling systems produce 119 new leads each month for our clients.

Of course, results vary from one business to another, and for different products…

So I invite you to join me on a one-to-one Strategy Call where I can walk you through what YOUR customised system and results would look like.

I offer only a few of these sessions each month to business owners hungry to discover how to increase their sales.

To find out exactly how you can make more sales predictably and consistently, and ditch ‘hope-based’ hit-and-miss marketing forever, schedule your FREE Strategy Call with me using the button below.

I look forward to chatting with you and boosting your sales!

– Martin


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