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Discover New Sales Opportunities For Your Building or Home Improvement Business.

In our 45 minutes, strategy call will focus on a specific and custom tailored strategy and execution to help you solve what’s holding your business back to generate more new clients on demand.

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Hi, I’m Martin Sumetzberger

I help Building or Home Improvement companies to implement our proven and industry-specific lead generation strategies and integrated sales system to grow sales on demand.

On our call I will share with you the following:
  • NInstant feedback on missed sales opportunities in your industry.
  • N“Ready to Use” lead generation strategy to grow sales on demand.
  • NIndustry specific success stories.
“This has been our busiest month ever… Michael R.”


“It’s like someone turned on a big switch… Mark M.”


“... new customer enquires are coming thick and fast, keeping me very busy. M Roden ”