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What if there was a proven system to turn more leads and referrals into sales? That’s what the Sales “Booster” does. It’s a step-by-step system that works. And you can easily implement it into your business within days.

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Take a more systemised approach to sales so that your staff can sell faster and easier. Remove the guesswork and increase your profits.

  • NMore predictable increase in sales

  • NProven industry-specific system & results

  • NAvoid high value leads slipping through the cracks

  • NIntegrate with your existing marketing strategy

  • NFocus on leads that most likely to close
  • NConnect with the sales tools you already use

  • NHelp & Inspire Your Staff to sell more in less time
  • NStay on Top of your competitors for years to come.

Discover exactly 
how the Sales “Booster” can work for YOUR business.

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Connect with potential customers at the perfect moment

Where are your most qualified leads?

Some people are on the verge of buying from you. While others are in danger of not becoming customers. Lead scoring lets you track engagement and know when and who to follow up with.

Tell your team about the hottest leads

Get notified immediately when leads are heating up. Automatically trigger email notifications and assign tasks based on your lead score changes. Know when to follow up with the deals most likely to close.

Educate your most interested contacts

Automatically keep in touch with your most interested contacts by sending them the information they need. Stay in front of them seamlessly to help them choose your product over your competitors.

Experience a Total Shift in Sales

By understanding that 57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer ever calls or emails you.

As Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of Selling Power rightly said:

“The salesperson or business owner is no longer the provider of information, but the supplier of insights to the customer, so we need to shift the start of the sales process to marketing, as the buying process has fundamentally changed and we cannot stay with the old way of marketing and selling.”


Discover exactly 
how the “Sales Booster” can work for YOUR business.

FREE Strategy Session