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Sales Strategist for High-Ticket Products & Services
Creator, Smarter Selling System

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Hi, I’m Martin…

I help companies selling high-ticket products and services across New Zealand and Australia increase sales and grow their businesses using ‘Smarter Selling’ systems.

I’ve been implementing my proven and industry-specific marketing strategies and integrated sales funnels for clients and partners since 2010.

I see so many ‘generalised’ ad agencies taking people’s money in exchange for ineffective SEO, one-size-fits-all website makeovers, pay-per-click ads and other expensive ways to “increase your traffic”.

But that’s not good enough – what you really need are more sales, not meaningless stats.

I got tired of seeing how businesses in our industry were getting ripped-off left, right and centre by marketing based more on hope than any particular process…

So I created a system specifically for high-ticket products and services companies who wanted to use proven principles of advanced lead-gen, sales strategy and automation to get MORE sales with LESS effort.

I called it Smarter Selling – because it’s more targeted, more effective and it’s proven to work.

Here’s what just a few of my clients are saying:

“ I’m excited that the new system that you’ve developed, enables us to better target existing and new customers. I’ve also noticed a large increase in calls and email enquiries since the direct marketing system was launched. I’m too busy now! ”

Mark McKenzie, Timbers of New Zealand

“Next Level has turned around our business. We started to receive quote requests within hours of launching their system. Just in the first couple weeks, we received 10 times the enquiries we received from other advertising agencies. I would recommend Next Level to any company that is looking for better ways to increase their sales. Next Level is in contact with us regularly to further improve our lead generation and sales conversion.”

Stu Hammar, Window Innovation

“Martin takes a commercial focus on how to use website and digital marketing to drive more customers to the website and call them to action to increase sales. He has helped us to achieve good sales growth and I recommend him to anyone wanting to do the same.”

Rodney McVicar, OneStopDeckShop

My first goal when I work with a business is to increase their sales inside a month of implementing their Smarter Selling system.

Because this is a tried and tested system, that’s virtually guaranteed to happen. In fact, my clients have reported up to 300% increases in sales in their first month…

But we won’t stop there.

I’ll work closely with you to optimise and improve your marketing and sales strategies, continually increasing your profits so you grow your business.

Plus we’ll use automated technology that allows your business to handle all these new leads and sales on autopilot – cutting out any overwhelm, and delivering the growth you’ve been hoping for.

Forget what you’ve heard from faceless online agencies…

Sadly, nearly every one of my clients has been through years of expensive frustration with SEO companies, web developers and media agencies, with little impact on sales to show for their outlay.

Because the truth is:

Updating your website, mucking around with social media and even spending big on advertising will NEVER increase sales if you don’t have the right strategy in place.

So it’s my mission to help as many businesses as I can finally turn things around and finally get results.

You can read more about how the Smarter Selling System works here

But I’m about more than just systems…

I’m a business owner and a person, just like you. I’ve got decades of hard-earned personal experience in advertising and design, and I’d like to give you the benefit of that.

So if you’d like to hop on a call with me to hear exactly how YOUR business can get more sales, I’d love to talk.

I offer a handful of FREE Strategy Calls to business owners like you who want to know what works, and how they can apply my system to their own marketing…

I’ve been told more than once how a free Strategy Call was the best 45 minutes a biz-owner has spent on developing their business…

So if you’d like a clear outline of how my sales system can work for YOUR business, click the button below to schedule our call at a time that works for you:

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I look forward to speaking with you!

– Martin Sumetzberger

Will a Smarter Selling system work for YOUR business?

I work with established companies that are committed to increasing sales.

I have proven results and case studies implementing Smarter Selling systems for clients in the following markets:

Decking, Timber Flooring, Timber Cladding,  Window Replacement, Double Glazing, Home Builders, Architecture, Outdoor Rooms, Louvre, Awnings, Kitchen, Bathroom, Travel, Finance and Recruitment.

Still not sure if your business may be a good fit? Just email me at and I’ll get back to you personally.